Idaho Reportable Diseases / Procedures

Idaho Reportable Diseases

Over 70 communicable diseases, syndromes or conditions are reportable under Idaho Code. Reporting times vary from immediately to three days. Licensed health care providers, hospitals and laboratories can report in several ways.

Reporting Communicable Diseases

The Idaho Reportable Diseases rule (IDAPA 16.02.10) requires physicians who diagnose or treat a person with a reportable disease to make a report to the Department (Health and Welfare), or the Public Health District where the Department’s authority has been delegated.*

  • In Idaho that aouthority has been delegated to the local health districts.

Furthermore, the section on Reportable Diseases and Conditions reads in part.

“Each report of a reportable disease or condition shall include the identity and address of the attending licensed physician or the person reporting, the diagnosed or suspected disease or condition, the name, current address, telephone number and birth date or age, race, ethnicity, and sex of the individual with the disease or condition, and the date of onset of the disease or condition.” – IDAPA

Idaho Administrative Code-IDAPA 16.05.10 (excerpt)


020. Persons required to report reportable diseases, conditions, and school closures:

  • Physician — A licensed physician who diagnoses, treats, or cares for a person with a reportable disease or condition must make a report of such disease or condition to the Department or Health District as described in these rules. The physician is also responsible for reporting diseases and conditions diagnosed or treated by physician assistants, nurse practitioners, or others under the physician’s supervision.

  • Hospital or Health Care Facility Administrator — The hospital or health care facility administrator must report all persons who are diagnosed, treated, or receive care for a reportable disease or condition in his facility unless the attending physician has reported the disease or condition.

  • Laboratory Director — The laboratory director must report to the Department or Health District the identification of, or laboratory findings suggestive of, the presence of the organisms, diseases, or conditions listed in Setion 050 of these rules.

  • School Administrator — A school administrator must report diseases and conditions to the Department or Health District as indicated in Section 050 of these rules. A school administrator must report the closure of any public, parochial, charter, or private school within one (1) working day when, in his opinion, such closing is related to a communicable disease.

  • Persons in Charge of Food Establishments — If the person in charge of the eating or drinking establishment has reason to suspect that any employee has a disease listed in Section 050 of these rules that is in a communicable form, he must immediately notify the Department or Health District and obtain guidance on proper actions needed to protect the public.

  • Others Required to Report Reportable Diseases — In addition to licensed physicians, reports must also be made by physician assistants, certified nurse practitioners, registered nurses, schooll health nurses, infection surveillance staff, public health officials, and coroners.


022. Penalty Provisions


  • These rules may be enforced under the civil and criminal penalties described in Sections 39-108, 39-109, 39-607, 39-1006, 39-1606, and 56-1008, Idaho Code, and other applicable statutes and rules. Penalties may include fines and imprisonment as specified in Idaho Code.

Additional Resources

National Electronic Disease Surveillance System

Department of Health and Welfare

Idaho Administrative Code – IDAPA 16.02.10 (full version)


Communicable Disease Control
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Immediate Reports/Emergency Notifications
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Office of Communicable Disease Prevention & Control
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After hours:
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