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Ada County appointment of Dr. Ryan Cole to Central District Board of Health receives approval of county commissioners in public health jurisdiction

Ada County – Central District Health (CDH) has received returned ballots from elected county commissioners with sufficient approval votes, ratifying the appointment of Dr. Ryan Cole to the CDH Board of Health.

Seven votes approving the appointment were required among the 12 total county commissioners from Ada, Boise, Elmore, and Valley Counties. Board of Health vacancy appointments are made at the county level, and not by the Board of Health. This seat appointment fulfills the Idaho requirement for one physician to serve on each local board of health. The seat was formerly held by Dr. Ted Epperly who served three, five-year terms as one of three Board of Health members representing Ada County.

Dr. Cole will serve a Board of Health term through September 3, 2026, and will join two other Board of Health representatives from Ada County, Dr. Jane Young and Raul Labrador. The seven-member CDH Board of Health also includes two representatives from Elmore County, Representative Megan Blanksma and retired Registered Nurse and current Board Chair, Betty Ann Nettleton. Boise and Valley Counties each have one representative serving on the Board, Commissioner Ryan Stirm and Commissioner Elt Hasbrouck, respectively.

Dr. Cole will receive an orientation and overview of CDH, led by District Director, Russ Duke; his first regular Board of Health business meeting will be Friday, September 14, 2021, at 3 p.m. Meetings are streamed live on CDH’s YouTube channel. Additional Board of Health meeting information, including agendas and minutes, can be viewed at the following link here.

More about the Board of Health
Board of Health members are appointed by their county Board of Commissioners and serve five-year terms on the Board of Health. The Board of Health sets the Central District Health budget and makes policy decisions for its jurisdiction of Ada, Boise, Elmore, and Valley Counties. CDH’s Board of Health includes seven members. Some Board of Health members are county commissioners in the county they serve; others are not. Each Board of Health in Idaho is required to have a physician board member. To view the CDH Board of Health Members page, click here.


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