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Central District Health Conducting a Tuberculosis Investigation

BOISE, Jan. 10, 2024 Central District Health (CDH) is investigating a probable case of tuberculosis (TB) in a resident of the Boise State University campus. The individual has not lived in Boise or attended Boise State since Dec. 15, 2023.

At this time, there is no known ongoing risk for TB exposure at Boise State University, and it is safe for students and staff to attend classes and participate in activities as usual. The general public is not at an increased risk of getting TB as a result of this case. 

CDH is working with Boise State University Public Health to conduct a contact investigation to identify if any TB transmission might have occurred at the school. Any staff and students who potentially came in contact with the individual will be notified by Boise State or CDH employees in the coming days and offered screening.  

Boise State staff and students who are notified that they may have been exposed are encouraged to be screened for TB. Students and employees who are notified of potential exposure will be offered opportunities for screening on campus. If you weren’t notified, but you believe you were exposed to the bacteria, CDH recommends getting screened as well. Screening is also available through primary care providers and local health departments.

About Tuberculosis  

TB is a disease caused by bacteria that spreads through the air, usually through repeated and prolonged exposure in a confined indoor space. It often affects the lungs but may also affect other parts of the body.  

  • Most people who are exposed to TB do not get infected.  
  • People who are infected generally cannot give TB to others unless they are experiencing symptoms.  
  • Typical symptoms of tuberculosis disease include a chronic cough, fever or night sweats that are persistent for several weeks and usually get worse.  

People experiencing chronic symptoms who think they may have been exposed to TB should call their primary care provider. Most cases of TB are treatable with antibiotics that are commonly available.  

Tuberculosis in Idaho  

In Idaho, there were 15 TB cases reported in 2023, five of those were in Ada County. TB case counts and information is tracked by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare and can be found at Additional facts about TB are available on the Central District Health website at

About Central District Health 

Central District Health, Public Health District IV, is one of seven public health districts within the state of Idaho, serving the counties of Ada, Boise, Elmore, and Valley. With a vision of Healthy People in Healthy Communities, CDH’s emphasis is on decreasing risk factors for chronic disease, improving quality of life and increasing the years of healthy life among residents. 

About Boise State University

Boise State provides an innovative, transformative, and equitable educational environment that prepares students for success and advances Idaho and the world. Serving more than 32,000 students annually, Boise State is proud to be powered by creativity and innovation, receiving national recognition as one of the most innovative universities in the country. Located in Idaho’s capital city, the university has a growing research agenda and plays a crucial role in the region’s knowledge economy and famed quality of life. In the past 10 years, the university has quadrupled the number of doctoral degrees and doubled its master’s degree offerings. Learn more at

CDH Contact:  

Maria Ortega, Communications Manager 
Office: 208-327-8639 | Cell: 208-871-1712 | 

Boise State University Contact:
Mike Sharp, Public Information Officer
Office: 208-426-1597

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