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If you have symptoms of a fever or cough, call your medical provider to find out if you should be tested for coronavirus.

Everyone should take precautions to avoid all respiratory diseases, including staying home if you’re sick, avoiding sick people, and covering your coughs and sneezes with the crook of your elbow or a tissue. Idaho COVID-19 FAQs


Idaho's first confirmed case of novel coronavirus was reported on 3/13/20 in an Ada County resident. On 3/24/20, CDH confirmed community transmission in an Ada County resident. Public health officials and community partners are monitoring this outbreak closely and are coordinating and communicating accordingly.

The following are confirmed and probable COVID-19 cases for Central District Health's jurisdiction of Ada, Boise, Elmore, and Valley Counties. For statewide counts, visit

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Updated Monday, 10/19/20 at 4:56 p.m. County data is updated weekdays by 5 p.m. MST unless otherwise noted. Cases are reported by primary residence; not where they are diagnosed. Numbers may vary from State's reported case count based on time of posted numbers and investigation results (e.g. person tests positive in an Idaho county but lives elsewhere)

*News releases will be issued for the first COVID-19-related death in each county; subsequent deaths in a county will be recorded on this page.

Weekly Data Dashboard
Updated Mondays & Thursdays by 12 pm MDT

Case Classifications:

Confirmed Cases: A person with a positive laboratory test result for COVID-19 using a molecular amplification technique (e.g., PCR, NAAT)

Probable: Symptomatic people that have epidemiologic risk factors or evidence of infection detected through a non-molecular amplification tests and deceased people whose death certificate lists COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2 as contributing to death without laboratory confirmation. 4/20/20 Update on Probable Cases: When a person is classified as Probable, if they never get tested they will remain counted as Probable. Those who are tested and test positive, will shift to Confirmed. If they test negative, they will no longer be considered a case.

For statewide counts, visit

Latest Information
October 13, 2020: Board of Health Meeting Summary | View Summary Graphic | Board of Health Meetings Page
  • COVID-19 Metrics Review + Data Discussion
  • Long-Term Care Facility Visitation: CDH staff will create a proposal for long-term care facility visitations for the Board to consider and take action on at the Oct. 20 meeting
  • Schools: Discussion about Ada County schools' shift to Category 3 (Red) and CDH's recent recommendations for in-person learning, how to protect teachers during in-person learning, efforts for increased testing of teachers, staff and students, and the associated risks with extra curricular youth activities while in Category 3 (Red) - CDH's recommendation is to pause these activities until a return to Category 2 (Yellow)
  • Note: No changes made regarding Ada or Valley County Orders
October 9, 2020: Central District Health Position on School Operations for Potential Shift to Category 3 (RED) for Ada County. Read More | Visit Schools Page
October 2, 2020: October 6 CDH Board of Health meeting was canceled, as there were no new potential items for action. To view the public notice, click HERE. The next scheduled Board of Health meeting is planned for Tuesday, October 13 at 5:15 pm.
September 30, 2020: September 29 CDH Board of Health meeting was canceled, as there were no new potential items for action. The next scheduled Board of Health meeting is planned for Tuesday, October 6 at 5:15 pm. To view the public notice, click HERE.
September 23, 2020: The Board of Health met for a regular meeting on Tuesday, September 22. No changes were made to the public health orders in place for Ada and Valley Counties. To view the meeting, click HERE. The next Board meeting is planned for Tuesday, September 29 at 5:15 pm.
September 11, 2020: September 15 CDH Board of Health meeting canceled + new resource to explain CDH community measures now available
The Board is anticipated to meet again on Tuesday, September 22 at 5:15 pm
View the CDH Community Measures Document
September 4, 2020: Central District Health Board approves re-opening of Ada County bars pending anticipated school category change to yellow next week
In a special meeting last evening (Sept. 3), Central District Health’s Board approved a motion to amend the public health order in place to allow Ada County bars to re-open. Bars will be allowed to re-open their doors upon continued decline of case counts in Ada County yet this week and an anticipated shift in CDH’s Category designation for Ada County schools from Red to Yellow, next Tuesday. [Note: School categories are assessed and posted to the CDH website each Monday, however Monday, Sept. 7 is an observed holiday]. Read More | Updated Order | Reopening Criteria for Bars/Nightclubs
September 4, 2020:Central District Health Simplifies School Category Determinations for Weekly Reporting
Central District Health (CDH) has established new metrics for determining weekly school operation categories in Ada, Boise, Elmore, and Valley Counties. The new system will keep Red, Yellow and Green color categories and recommended level of operations, but will entirely replace the previous category definitions with average case rates calculated for each county. CDH will use a two-week average of daily COVID-19 cases calculated per 100,000 people in a given county. The new system is aimed at simplifying the way categories for schools are determined within CDH’s four-county jurisdiction. Read More | COVID-19 Schools Page
September 2, 2020: Public Notice: Central District Health Board to hold special meeting on Thursday, September 3 to discuss petition from Boise bar owners
The Central District Health (CDH) Board of Health will gather for a special meeting (hearing) on Thursday, September 3 at 5:15 pm to discuss a petition recently submitted to CDH by a group of 10 Boise bar owners. The petition asks CDH to grant permission to 12 listed bars to reopen with specific outlined prevention measures in place, including safety measures for employees, sanitation of facilities, safety measures for customers, and bar owner protocols for monitoring, tracking and reporting any positive or likely COVID-19 cases to CDH. Read News Release | Board of Health Agenda | Public Notice
August 30, 2020: Change to weekly Board of Health meeting start time (5:15 pm); viewing room moved back to CDH Headquarters
The public viewing room for the Tuesday, September 1, 2020 Central District Health (CDH) Board of Health meeting has moved back to CDH’s headquarters, located at 707 N. Armstrong Place, Boise. Previously, the public viewing room was to be held at the Ada County Courthouse. The meeting will still begin at 5:15 pm. Read the 8/30/20 News Release | Board of Health Meetings Page
August 18, 2020: Board of Health meeting to be held Friday, August 21; to include COVID-19 metrics review, Open Meeting Law training, and additional items | Read News Release | Board of Health Meetings Page
August 11, 2020: Board of Health approves face covering order for Valley County; restricts Ada County social gatherings to no more than 10 people | New Valley County Face Covering Order | Updated Ada County Order | News Release (posted 8/12/20)
August 7, 2020: Board of Health August 11 meeting agenda and draft order language available for review; consideration to close gyms removed from draft order
View Board of Health Page (agenda, draft order & meeting materials) | Read News Release
August 4, 2020: Board of Health requests draft Order language be written for consideration at August 11 meeting. Requested draft language includes: A face covering order for Valley County, limiting group gatherings in Ada County to a size of less than 25 or less than 10, and closing gyms in Ada County. Draft language for these discussion points will be posted to the Board of Health web page and available for written comment to the Board: Please ensure comments are submitted by 4 pm on Monday, August 10 to allow time for Board review. Anticipated discussion at the August 11 meeting will also include a review of recent data points being used in public health decision making within CDH's jurisdiction of Ada, Boise, Elmore, and Valley Counties. | View Board of Health Meetings Page
August 3, 2020: Central District Health provides community spread categories for school districts in response to COVID-19
Today, Central District Health (CDH) began its official weekly assessment and reporting of categories of community spread for use by school districts in Ada, Boise, Elmore, and Valley Counties in their decision-making processes and operations for COVID-19. The categories are defined in the Idaho Back to School Framework, as approved by the State Board of Education in early July, and indicate what level of in-person learning and response is recommended. Full News Release | View COVID-19 & Schools Page
July 28, 2020: The Board of Health approves specific language clarifying the mandatory wearing of face coverings/masks in educational settings within Ada County | Read the updated Order
July 28, 2020: First Boise County resident dies from COVID-19
This week, Central District Health (CDH) has confirmed the death of a Boise County resident who passed away from COVID-19-related illness. The resident was a man in his 80s and is the first death of a Boise County resident related to the novel coronavirus. At the time of this release, 32 cases have been identified in Boise County residents.
We express our deepest sympathies to those impacted by the recent COVID-19 related death in Boise County. As we see more people in rural areas of our health district affected by COVID19, it serves as a good reminder that wearing face coverings out in public and keeping ourselves physically distanced are the greatest tools we have to help protect our fellow Idahoans at this time. Anyone visiting our remote counties, for any reason, needs to follow this guidance to help protect people living in those areas where access to immediate healthcare is limited. “said Russ Duke, District Director for Central District Health. | Read More
July 21, 2020: Board of Health meets to discuss COVID-19 developments; will consider draft language for mandatory masks in schools and possibly childcare providers at its next meeting
Today, the Central District Health Board met for its regularly scheduled meeting to discuss recent COVID-19 developments. As part of the meeting, Dr. Peterman, CEO with Primary Health provided testing data from across Primary Health’s Ada and Canyon County test sites, which most recently shows a 9.6% positivity rate. Discussion also occurred around the recent increase in cases among those younger than 18 years and what that might mean with the start of the upcoming school year and into the school year with the onset of cold and flu season.
CDH’s Board discussed the idea of drafting specific, clear mandatory mask language for all schools within Ada County for future consideration. Draft language will be written and posted to CDH’s website for public comment in advance of the next Board meeting on July 28, 2020. The Board may also consider mandatory mask language to include child care settings in Ada County.
At its July 28 meeting, the Board will host school administrators as guests to talk through potential school year COVID-19 scenarios and allow for direct communication between Board of Health members and school leaders.

No changes were made at the July 21 meeting to the public health order in place for Ada County.
Once draft mask language for schools is written for the Board discussion and consideration on July 28, it will be posted to the Board of Health Meetings page, HERE. There, you will also find Board meeting agendas and public comment information.
July 16, 2020: First Valley County resident dies from COVID-19; community transmission identified in Boise County
This week, Central District Health (CDH) has confirmed the death of a Valley County resident who passed away from COVID-19-related illness. The person was a man in his 80s and is the first death of a Valley County resident related to the novel coronavirus. At the time of this release, 30 cases have been identified in Valley County residents.
The recent investigation of a Boise County resident who tested positive COVID-19 is the first case that points to community transmission. Boise County saw its first case on June 25, 2020, and since then, it has grown to 12 cases. Community transmission is determined when an individual has not had contact with a known infected person or recently traveled. The resident is a woman in her 50s who is recovering at home with moderate symptoms. | Read More
July 14, 2020: Board of Health Adds Mandatory Face Covering Language to Ada County Public Health Order
With COVID-19 counts increasing by at least 100 cases a day in Ada County, at its regular meeting today (July 14), the Central District Health Board of Health voted to add language to the existing public health order to require that face coverings be worn in public places. The addition of mandatory face coverings to the order took effect immediately and applies to Ada County only; no additional changes were made to the order.| Read the Updated Order | Board of Health Meetings Page
July 14, 2020: Widespread COVID-19 Testing at Idaho Department of Corrections’ Kuna Site Detects Recent Positive Cases for Ada County; Central District Health to separate associated case counts in bi-weekly data updates
Recent widespread COVID-19 testing of incarcerated residents and staff members with the Idaho Department of Correction’s Idaho State Correctional Center (ISCC) in Kuna has increased the detection of positive cases for Ada County in recent weeks. Since the first case was confirmed in an incarcerated individual on June 24, 2020, IDOC has reported 592 cases; 297 of those lab reports have been received and logged by CDH at the time of this release. Additional cases will be logged upon receipt. On Monday, July 13, CDH began publishing IDOC-related cases among incarcerated individuals in a separate line from Kuna case counts among weekly data, which is updated Mondays and Thursdays by 12 pm. | Read More | View Weekly Case Counts (See Ada 2 tab for IDOC numbers)
July 7, 2020: Central District Health Board of Health makes modification to Ada County order; to consider addition of face covering language at July 14 meeting
During its July 7, 2020 meeting, the Central District Health Board of Health voided the latest public health order for Ada County to cure an open meeting violation. The Board re-adopted the order, which was made effective immediately with the following change in language: Gatherings of 50 or more, both public and private, shall [formerly, should] be avoided. People participating in gatherings of 50 or fewer people, while permitted, should adhere to social distancing and sanitation and wear face coverings. No other language was changed from the previous order. Additionally, the Board supported that CDH Director Russ Duke and staff draft language around face coverings for consideration at the July 14, 2020 Board meeting.
View CDH Order Information | View Board of Health agendas HERE
July 1, 2020: Central District Health Board of Health to hold weekly meetings to discuss COVID-19 developments; first meeting planned for Tuesday, July 7, 2020 Central District Health’s Board of Health is adding weekly meetings to its schedule of regular board meetings. The regular meetings will be held virtually each Tuesday at 4 p.m. MDT, with the first planned for July 7, 2020. Meetings are subject to cancellation if determined to not be warranted. The July 7, 2020 agenda is available online, and subsequent agendas will be posted in advance of meetings at The public may view these weekly meetings via the CDH YouTube Page

June 26, 2020: CDH Issues Public Health Order - Effective Immediately (Note: Modified at July 7, 2020 Board of Health Meeting)
Based upon a citizen inquiry, it was discovered that the Saturday, June 20, 2020 emergency Board of Health meeting, which resulted in the order, did not receive proper public notification. Due to the virus and statewide recommendations for continued work from home, those who would normally post notices on the facility door and website were not available. As a result, under Idaho law, the original order must be considered void.

Through an emergency meeting, held virtually this afternoon, the Board voted unanimously to recognize the original order as void and adopt a new order, which was signed today, June 26, 2020. No changes were made to the original wording of the order. All elements from the original order were adopted and are included in the order signed today.
Read the Order - Modified July 7, 2020 | Ada County Order Webpage (with FAQs) | Read the News Release

June 26, 2020: Emergency Board of Health Meeting to be Held Today Friday, June 26, 2020 at 4 pm MDT

June 25, 2020 News
COVID-19 community transmission identified in Valley County (6-25-20)
First case of COVID-19 reported in Boise County (6-25-20)

June 22, 2020: Rising COVID-19 numbers prompt Central District Health to issue order for Ada County to return to Stage 3 operations - Order is Effective as of Wednesday, June 24, 2020.
Today, Central District Health’s (CDH) Director, along with the Board of Health, announced it will implement orders for Ada County to move back to many of the guidelines in Idaho’s Stage 3 for COVID-19 response, effective Wednesday, June 24 at 12:01 am. The CDH Order includes some variations from the state’s Stage 3. Notably, Ada County bars and nightclubs will not be allowed to remain open. View the Order HERE. | Read the News Release
View Recommendations for Criteria to Use in Deciding to Move between Stages
June 18, 2020: Central District Health and group of Boise bar owners discuss recent COVID-19 cluster and measures to help slow the spread to keep businesses open; public urged to wear masks in social settings
Today, Central District Health and more than 10 bar owners and operators from Boise’s downtown, held a virtual meeting to discuss the recent COVID-19 illness cluster and ways to slow the spread of the virus to keep businesses open and our community healthy. During the meeting, CDH shared information on the illness cluster that now includes 69 people, many who exposed other members of the public by going to a number of bars and nightclubs while they were infectious. | Read News Release
June 16, 2020: Additional establishments identified as potential COVID-19 exposure locations; illness cluster involving downtown Boise bar-goers increases
Through recent COVID-19 investigations, Central District Health (CDH) has identified four individuals who spent time in public locations, in close proximity to others while unknowingly infectious. Because of this, CDH wants to let the public know of the locations and dates these individuals were present, and encourage anyone there on the same date to watch for signs and symptoms of COVID-19, which may appear 2-14 days after exposure. | Read News Release
June 11, 2020: Central District Health warns public of possible COVID-19 exposure at multiple Downtown Boise bars on June 5 and 6
Central District Health (CDH) is investigating a cluster of COVID-19 illness involving ten individuals to-date who visited multiple bars while infectious in downtown Boise on Friday, June 5, 2020 and Saturday, June 6, 2020. | Read News Release
June 11, 2020: Idaho narrowly meets criteria to enter final stage of rebound plan (Stage 4), Idahoans strongly urged to continue following safe practices
Stage 4 will begin Saturday, June 13, 2020. Public health experts established specific epidemiologic, syndromic, and healthcare criteria for Idaho to meet before advancing through the staged Idaho Rebounds plan. Idaho did meet the criteria to advance to the final stage beginning Saturday, but came close to falling short in two of the three criteria areas. There was a bump in cases reported in early June, including several healthcare workers who contracted COVID-19, and the number of people seen in the emergency room with COVID-19-like symptoms declined only barely. | Learn More
May 28, 2020: Govenor Little announces Idaho can move to Stage 3 of Idaho Rebounds Plan (May 30-June 12 - All criteria must be met to move forward) Stage 3 allows for bars, movie theaters, and gatherings up to 50 people - protocols for each category must be followed. News Release | Stage 3 Protocols
May 22, 2020: CDH Position on Youth Sports by Idaho Rebounds Stages (5-22-20)
May 14, 2020: Governor Little announces Idaho can move to Stage 2 of Idaho Rebounds Plan (May 16-May 29 - All criteria must be met to move forward) Stage 2 allows for restaurants to reopen dining rooms, indoor gyms and recreation facilities to reopen, and hair salons / close contact services to reopen. All are encouraged to have operational plans in place and all must adhere to guidance for to mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19. Guidance documents can be found on CDH's Coronavirus Resources page and the Idaho Rebounds website.
May 4, 2020: CDH Recommendation for Open Streets Model to Enhance Physical Distancing During COVID-19 Pandemic
April 30, 2020: Governor Little announces Idaho can move to Stage 1 of Idaho Rebounds Plan
Businesses opening their doors on May 1 should have an operational plan in place to mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19.The plans do not need to be submitted for review or approval. However, to ensure consumer confidence, businesses are encouraged to make their plans available to the public. Protocols added for Youth Activities, Daycare, Places of Worship; in English & Espanol. >> For additional Guidance Documents to help with reopening, visit our Resources page.
April 23, 2020: Governor Little announces Idaho Rebounds Plan to reopen the state Governor Brad Little, with the help of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare and guidance issued by President Donald Trump and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has established a data-driven approach to opening up Idaho’s economy. The approach reduces the risk of COVID-19 to Idaho’s most vulnerable population and preserves capacity in our healthcare system, while opening up businesses safely. From an economic standpoint, Idaho’s rebound from COVID-19 starts with employee and consumer confidence, which leads into business stability and growth and eventually promotion and attraction.
Stages of Reopening
| Resources for Businesses
View Guidance Resources for Businesses, Schools and Other Groups on the CDH Resources Page
April 20, 2020: First COVID-19 death confirmed in Elmore County resident
Central District Health (CDH) has confirmed the first death associated with COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) in a resident of Elmore County. The woman was in her 60s and had severe underlying health conditions. She was determined to be positive for COVID-19 prior to passing. Out of respect for grieving family and friends, CDH has provided this essential information but will retain any patient-specific information as confidential.
Learn More
April 15, 2020: Governor Little extends Stay Home Order through April 30 with amendments
Governor Brad Little and the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare issued a statewide Stay-Home Order on Wednesday, March 25, for all Idahoans. On April 15, Governor Little extended the order to April 30, with amendments Governor Little will reevaluate extending the order before the end of April.
View Order | View list of Essential Services & Busineses | View Additional Guidance | FAQs | Información en Español
April 14, 2020: Resident of skilled care facility passes away from COVID-19; additional positive cases within facility
Learn More
April 7, 2020: Central District Health Releases Guidance for Food Establisment Operation During COVID-19
Learn More
April 5, 2020: Recommendation Regarding the Use of Cloth Face Coverings, Especially in Areas of Significant Community-Based Transmission
The cloth face coverings recommended are not surgical masks or N-95 respirators. Those are critical supplies that must continue to be reserved for healthcare workers and other medical first responders, as recommended by current CDC guidance.
Learn More | Learn to make your own
April 1, 2020: Community COVID-19 transmission identified in Elmore County; case count increases to eight
Central District Health (CDH) confirms additional cases of COVID-19 in Elmore County, putting to-date totals at eight cases. Through follow-up investigations, CDH has identified evidence of community transmission. Community transmission is defined as illness within a community that lacks connection to travel or other confirmed cases. While follow-up investigations of the Elmore County cases are ongoing, no individuals to-date have required hospitalization.
Read News Release
March 31, 2020: As COVID-19 numbers continue climbing, Central District Health says more personal accountability is critical in slowing the spread
Read News Release
March 30, 2020: First case of novel coronavirus reported in Elmore County
Central District Health (CDH) confirms one case of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Elmore County. The individual is a female over the age of 50. No additional information is available at the time of this release; the investigation is ongoing into possible means of transmission.
Read News Release
March 28, 2020: First COVID-19 death confirmed in Ada County
Central District Health (CDH) has confirmed the first death associated with COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) in Ada County.The individual was over the age of 60 with pre-existing health issues and had lab-confirmed illness that was being investigated prior to death. Out of respect for grieving family and friends, CDH has provided this essential information but will retain any patient-specific information as confidential.
Read the News Release
March 25, 2020: Governor Little issues statewide stay-home order, signs extreme emergency declaration.

The statewide order is is available at This order is effective 3/25/2020 and will remain in effect for 21 days. It allows the state to more effectively increase health care capacity, take steps to reduce and slow coronavirus spread, and take rapid and decisive steps to improve the condition of Idahoans whose jobs and incomes are being harmed by the pandemic. The Governor and public health officials will evaluate later whether to extend the order past 21 days.

Multilingual Statewide Stay-Home Order Resources:

Idaho-Specific Resources

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Though COVID-19 is a new (novel) coronavirus, disease outbreaks are not new territory in public health, and Central District Health has response plans, relationships and agreements in place within our jurisdiction to respond accordingly. A big part of that is working with community partners - from county emergency managers, to area hospitals, law enforcement, first responders, local and state public health, our year-round relationships and planning for potential outbreaks are critical in times like this, where an outbreak can rapidly change direction. Public health officials want people to be aware so they can take appropriate precautions.

We are asking people to follow steps they would take for flu and to stay home if you are sick, avoid sick people, and cover your coughs and sneezes with your elbow or a tissue (not your hands). Wash your hands frequently, especially after you have been in the public and touched door handles, stair railings, money, grocery carts, elevator buttons, and other items that lots of other people may also have touched.


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