As of July 1, 2010, patients receiving immunizations at the Central District Health (CDH) and other immunization providers throughout the state have been automatically enrolled in Idaho’s Immunization Reminder Service (IRIS).

IRIS is an opt-out system, meaning newborns will automatically be enrolled in the registry at birth and parents can voluntarily opt-out at any time simply by filling out a form and submitting it to the Idaho Immunization Program (IIP). Opt-out forms and additional information are available at To complete a written IRIS deletion form a patient will need to contact the IIP by phone at 208-334-5931.

Parents of newborns will be notified that their baby has been added to the registry by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (DHW). Information about the voluntary nature of the registry is included, along with information on how a parent can opt-out if they do not wish to participate. DHW will include this IRIS information with birth certificate information that is routinely mailed to parents, usually within the first two weeks following birth.

Medical providers are encouraged to add children who were not born in Idaho. In most cases, this would consist of children who have relocated to Idaho from another state.

What is IRIS?

  • Idaho’s Immunization Reminder Information System (IRIS) is the free, secure and confidential statewide computer-based system that keeps track of immunization records.
  • It can help you and parents keep children up-to-date on their immunizations.

Why do we need IRIS?

  • As families move, children may see more than one physician and the records become scattered. IRIS is a tool that consolidates records for children who are immunized in Idaho.
  • IRIS helps parents, doctors, clinics, health districts, child care programs and school officials ensure that complete immunization records are easily accessible.
  • Any enrolled provider administering a vaccination to a child can update records.

How will IRIS help me in my medical practice?

  • Immediate records of new patients.
  • Decreased staff time spent retrieving immunization records.
  • Avoiding missed opportunities to give needed immunizations.
  • Reduced duplication of effort from provider to provider.
  • Fewer missed appointments as reminder cards become automatic.
  • Complete documentation for your files.

How will IRIS help my patients?

  • IRIS can help reduce costs and discomfort for the child by reducing duplication of immunizations with new doctor visits.
  • Allows for easy access to records that are needed for entrance to child care or school.
  • Parents can receive automatic reminders to help keep children’s immunizations on schedule.
  • Health and Welfare Privacy HIPAA document.

Benefits to the Health Care/Service Provider who uses IRIS: IRIS benefits the area served by Central District Health by facilitating adequate immunization for all individuals, thus enhancing the overall health status and indicators for our state. Direct benefits for Health Care/ Service providers include the following:

  • Sends reminder card to parents of children with pending and overdue immunizations.
  • Assess clinic immunization levels for quality assurance.
  • Assists with monthly vaccine accountability.
  • Provides Certificates of Immunization for schools and child care facilities.
  • Decreases number of unnecessary immunizations.
  • Provides data to enable accurate assessment of patients’ immunization status.
  • Reduces staff time needed to obtain complete immunization history of patients.
  • Assures immunization records are always available.
  • Clarifies complicated, changing immunization schedules and emerging vaccine combinations.
  • Eliminates likelihood of missed opportunities by enabling office staff to plan ahead.
  • Enables providers to determine which immunizations are due.


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